3A's Conference open for registration

3A's Conference open for registration
April 23, 2021

The registration for the 3A's Conference "Availability, Accessibility, Affordability of Medicines and Medical Devices" is already available. The event will be held during the 29th and 30th of April in virtual form.

One of the identified priorities by the Portuguese presidency is “Supporting Sustainable, Equitable and Universal Access to Medicines and Medical Devices”. This priority will be advanced by structuring discussions around 3 main pillars: Availability, Accessibility and Affordability.  In this context, the conference aims to give a new and renewed momentum to the discussion on how to address these longstanding topics that have been on the agenda of those with the highest responsibilities in the European pharmaceutical policy. It is therefore necessary to continue this debate in the field of pharmaceutical policy at EU level, which addresses European and national developments and challenges in the various aspects of this subject in an integrated, ethical and sustainable manner.

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