Infarmed announces priorities for Portuguese Presidency

Infarmed announces priorities for Portuguese Presidency
January 21, 2021

The President of Infarmed, Rui Santos Ivo, took advantage of the institution’s 28th anniversary, held on 15th January, to announce the objectives and goals  of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union regarding medicines and medical devices.

At an online event in which Marta Temido, Portuguese Minister of Health, and Diogo Serras Lopes, Secretary of State for Health participated, the president of Infarmed presented the topic for his area: “To Support Sustainable, Fair and Universal Access to Medicines and Medical Devices.”. A motto that reflects the priority undertaken for the entire Presidency, “Time to Deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery”.

Throughout his speech, Rui Santos Ivo listed the goals defined for the EU in the next six months. Besides “reinforcing its strategic autonomy” and “improving strategic regulatory and scientific aspects regarding medical devices”, Rui Santos Ivo also promised to work to “take into account the costs and prices not only of medicines but also of medical devices”. Finally, he promised to engage his team “in the implementation of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe”: “Open to new solutions, committed to conciliation, working as a team, and without fear of seeking specific proposals and solutions that address the needs of our citizens”, he summarised.

The leader did not overlook the work that Infarmed carried out last year and the contribution made by those working at the institution, highlighting “their dedication, spirit of mission, their professionalism and capacity to respond to the huge challenges the pandemic has posed”.

It was the duty of Maria João Morais, Director of Infarmed’s International Relations Office, to deliver the Presidency’s initiatives. Besides presenting the 20 planned meetings, she highlighted them as high points of the next six months.

She announced the organisation of the Conference “Accessibility, Availability & Affordability of Medicines and Medical Devices for a Stronger and Resilient EU” on 28th and 29th April and defined the Formal EPSCO Meeting (Meeting of the European Health ministers) on 15th June as a time for presenting the Conclusions for the area of medicines and medical devices to the Council.

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