La Valletta Committee to assess possible options for joint procurement of medicines

La Valletta Committee to assess possible options for joint procurement of medicines
June 28, 2021

The representatives of the Valletta Technical Committee countries met this Thursday virtually as part of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

 The tenth meeting of this regional collaboration to which participated Italy (Presidency), Portugal (Vice-Presidency), Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Romania, Slovenia and Spain, was organized by INFARMED to discuss the continuity and deepening of cooperation and share knowledge in the negotiation and procurement of medicines.

During the meeting it was agreed to assess possible options of joint procurement between the countries that are part of the Committee in a way that considers the experience gained during the Pandemic and the best practices achieved. This assessment aims to identify ways forward for joint negotiation and procurement of medicines, in particular in order to facilitate and streamline the negotiation and sustainability procedures for medicines acquisitions.

The participants also shared and debated their lessons learned regarding different medicines, namely, advanced therapies, and mostly in oncological diseases.

INFARMED also presented to the other countries the results obtained on the objectives assumed by the Portuguese Presidency. The Council Conclusions concerning Access to Medicines and Medical Devices, approved in last week's EPSCO meeting, were presented. These define a set of strategic actions for the Member States and the Commission on issues concerning availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines and medical devices.

INFARMED also presented the agreement reached this week on the legislative proposal on health technology assessment (HTA), that will benefit access to medicines and medical devices for patients and simplify the application procedures for the manufacturers in order to facilitate the joint work needed to assess new health technologies

The Valletta Group aims to improve access to new and innovative medicines and therapies and support the sustainability of the national health systems for the mutual benefit of the citizens of the countries that make up the group. It has a particular focus on oncology medicines, treatments for autoimmune diseases, orphan drugs, biosimilars and products with a substantial budgetary impact.

During Portugal’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, INFARMED is responsible for coordinating, until the end of June, a set of 20 meetings of several Committees and Working Groups.

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