Portugal organises conference in April about access to medicines

Portugal organises conference in April about access to medicines
January 12, 2021

The Portuguese Presidency is going to bring together in Lisbon the main people responsible for the area of Medicines.

The conference will take place on 28th April and will be a stage for debating and presenting concrete solutions that lead to medicines and vaccines being more widely available to European citizens at affordable prices.

This will be the key event aiming to achieve the priority of the Portuguese Presidency for this area: “ To Support Sustainable, Fair and Universal Access to Medicines and Medical Devices.”.

The agenda defined for the six months of activities in the area of Medicines and Medical Devices is founded on three pillars: strategic autonomy, sustainability and accessibility. These will be the areas where Portugal will try to mediate negotiations between the various representatives of the Governments of the Member States to reach an agreement that leads to concrete measures that
can be incorporated both into the Proposed Conclusions of the Council of the European Union and in the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe Implementation Plan.

This commitment will endure throughout 20 meetings of the different committees and work groups that meet regularly to analyse and prepare the Council’s decisions.

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