President of Infarmed wants “objective results” regarding Medicines

President of Infarmed wants “objective results” regarding Medicines
January 12, 2021

The President of Infarmed, Dr. Rui Santos Ivo, undertook to work during the next six months of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU to ”collectively make progress on a series of priorities with the aspiration of achieving objective results that contribute towards the health and well-being of European citizens”.

The objective was undertaken at the end of the first week of the Presidency, in a welcome message sent to all community and Member State leaders and representatives who are going to take part in the work planned for this area.

After remembering the motto of the Portuguese Presidency - Time to Deliver - Rui Ivo promised “transparency, ongoing dedication and cooperation” to “present proposals and promote concrete solutions” that can address the “challenges that arise”.

The only way of working as a team, he finished, that will make it possible “to tackle the obstacles and build a more resilient European healthcare system that is able to protect its citizens in the future”.

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