Priorities for Health

Priorities for Health

Aligned with the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency, 5 goals were set in the Health area. These goals were already announced by the Minister for Health, Marta Temido.

On this regard, Portugal will work with all the Member States so that all vaccination plans can be swiftly implemented, without losing sight of coordinated action in the prevention, mitigation and fight against the disease.

The Portuguese Presidency will also be focusing on the role of the EU in a multilateral context, particularly under the framework of the steps to be taken to strengthen the World Health Organization. Portugal will endeavor to highlight the diplomatic side of World Health, namely by supporting the development of strategic alliances with Africa.

The third goal will be to pursue a European agenda in access to medicine, focused on the sustainable, equative and universal access on issues related to European industrial capacity in terms of medicine and medical devices.

The further development of digital health will be another aim. Portugal will work towards the expansion of the existing equipment, the exchange of information between Member States, in order to contribute the creation of the European Health Data Space.

Finally, the Portuguese Presidency will work towards the enhancement of the debate on a European Health Union. That solution will be the best way to defeat the pandemic, to improve the response of each of the national health systems as well as for a fairer and more cohesive Europe.

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